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Rocket Studios

Production Services & Equipment Rentals
38-10 29th Street
Long Island City, New York 11101
718-482-8082 482-8083 fax

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About Rocket?

Welcome to Rocket Studios, the premier backline resource & equipment rental business in the Tri-State area. Providing you with highest quality of brand names in backline resources and sound reinforcement.

Rocket Studios has provided services for professional musicians and venues for over 30 years. Whether it's a small indoor venue or large outdoor festival, Rocket brings performers and fans a memorable sonic experience.

Backline On The Go!

Rocket is the "backline" resource vendor for name brands in guitar and bass amplifiers, as well as drums, percussions and sound reinforcement. We list top shelf brand names in "Guitar Amps," that include Mesa Boogie, Fender, Line 6 , Roland and Marshall, along with many more and numerous cabinet combination configurations.

Additionally, our "Bass Amp" inventory stocks the best bottom end in town, from Ampeg , Aguilar, Hartke, Galian Kruegar, Hughes & Kettner and Eden.

Stage and Live Events

Stage and live performance venues are the core of Rocket's presence in the Tri-State area.

With decades of proven skills in providing backline services, performers and managers can appreciate Rocket's long standing professionalism in this field.